Rugrats -- A New York Adventure

The biggest stop in the show's tour was in New York City on 4/3/98 to 4/13/98 at the fabled Radio City Music Hall. This stop was considered as THE first stop in the tour, as all the fine tuning and changes were completed by the time they reached NYC. At the 7PM show on 4/3/98, celebrities and the press were in attendance, followed by a reception for those people and those associated with the show. Their NYC stop garnered a lot of press coverage by the media, especially NBC's Today Show (where the cast did one of the numbers featuring Mr. Flashlight) and the New York Daily News (where they received a lot of coverage in the 4/5/98 edition when the cast toured NYC; see below).

All 25 shows were sold out; because of this demand, 2 additional shows on 4/13/98 (the show was supposed to close 4/12/98) were added, which sold out as well. Tickets for this performace sold from $22 to $37 (plus fees from Ticketmaster and other brokers), but scalpers were illegally selling tickets on the street for $200, upward.

Also, this show was so popular, the annual Radio City Easter Show on 4/12/98, an Easter Sunday tradition in New York City, was cancelled.

To quote someone working for Radio City, "If we could just alternate the Rugrats with Riverdance every other week, they could sell the place out until the end of time!!!"

The Return

Due to popular demand, the Rugrats will be returning to Radio City, January 13 to 18, 1999, with more dates as demand warrants.

If you plan to be in the New York City area at that time, you can get tickets through Ticketmaster at:

New York City: (212)-307-7171

Long Island: (516)-888-9000

New Jersey: (201)-507-8900

Westchester County: (914)-454-3388

Tickets will cost $22, $27 & $37, with limited VIP seating for $37. All ticket prices do not include Ticketmaster's service fees.

Nick fans can get their tickets right now by calling any of the Ticketmaster numbers and mentioning "Code Nick". The tickets will officially go on sale to everyone else on Sunday, 12/6/98. As with their previous stop. All shows will likely to be sold out by the time they do come to New York, so get your tickets today.

As usual, always have parental permission before dialling.

(Special thanks to Quentin R.)

"Babes In Tourland"

The following is an article from the 4/5/98 edition of the New York Daily News, which chronicled the Rugrats tour through the Big Apple. Ironically, this was also the first day of the Rugrats strip, which the Daily News carried.

"Babes In Tourland", from the NY Scene column in the Daily News' "Sunday Extra" magazine; written by Petra Andre, Ed Tahaney contributed to this article. Copyright (c) 1998 by the New York Daily News.

When it comes to kiddie shows, Rugrats rule!

And New Yorkers of all ages got to see what the fuss is all about when the kooky cartoon tykes from the hit Nickelodeon show took the Big Apple by storm. The bulky babies, who are packing them in with their new live-action musical extravaganza at Radio City Music Hall, played hooky from rehersals the other day to go sightseeing with Sunday Extra. Before setting out on their big-city adventure, gang-leader Tommy, shy toddler Chuckie and arrogant cousin Angelica stopped in front of the legendary Radio City marquee. "Look, Chuckie, I think it's us on the poster down there!" an excited Tommy screamed. "Ackshully, it's a poster of me," sneered Angelica. "They just put you babies on there 'cause they had some empty space to fill up." Unfazed, the trio, which starting today can be seen in its very own comic strip in the Daily News, set out for Times Square. There, at the crossroads of the world a police officer and a group of strolling nuns took turns posing with the cuddly group, while parents held up their little ones to give Tommy a kiss, pinch Angelica's ears and play with Chuckie's spiky hair. "They wanted to put me up on one of those big signs just wearin' my diaper, but my mommy said no," Tommy explained, gazing up at a huge poster for designer underwear. "You'd probably catch a cold anyways," Chuckie offered. After a quick snack and diaper-change, the gang decided to act like real locals and hail a cab to the Empire State Building. "I like Taxicabs, 'cause you can yell really loud for 'em and nobody tells ya to be quiet," Angelica declared as she struggled to get her pigtails safely through the car door, With a busload of tourists in tow, the Rugrats were caught on the security cameras in the lobby of the "Entire State Building" -- so it's called in Rugrats-ese -- happily skating along the shiny floors. But the guards didn't mind. In fact, they eagerly posed for pictures with the most famous visitors of the day, and gave the Rugrats their own private elevator up 86 floors to the observation deck. Angelica looked a little pale. "Pretty high up, huh, Chuckie?", she quipped in an attempt to divert attention from her knocking knees. "Sometimes people get up here and get grabbed by BIG GIANT MONKEYS!!" This windy afternoon, however, visitors ignored the breathtaking view to stare at the colorful TV-celebrities pushing their button-noses through the fence. "I guess we have 'Rugrats' in England, too. My daughter seems to know who they are," said Leon Golstein, visiting from London, as he watched his 6-year old, Katie, go wild for Angelica. Eat your heart out, Teletubbies! The Rugrats had planned to finish their play date with a tumble in the grass in Central Park, but the activity was wearing the tots down, sending even the mild-tempered Chuckie into a tantrum: "can we get down now??!!" No wonder -- it was way past nap-time.

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