schedule for week of May 29, 1999

The following is a typical schedule for Nickelodeon, from the pages of TV Guide for the week of 5/29/99. All times ET.

Saturday 5/29/99:


5AM: Happy Days (repeat from Friday)

5:30AM: Mary Tyler Moore (repeat from Friday)

Nick Jr.:

6AM: Gullah Gullah Island

6:30AM: Blue's Clues

7AM: The Wubbulous World of Dr. Suess

7:30AM: You're On Nickelodeon, Charlie Brown (umbrella title for "The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show" and CBS's Peanuts specials)

Regular Nickelodeon:

8AM: Doug (2 episodes)

9AM: Rugrats (2 episodes)

10AM: The Wild Thornberrys (2 episodes)

11AM: Hey Arnold (2 episodes)

12 Noon: Angry Beavers (2 episodes)

1PM: Rocko's Modern Life (2 episodes)

2PM: CatDog (2 episodes)

3PM: The Journey of Allen Strange (2 episodes)

4PM: All That (2 episodes)

5PM: Kenan & Kel (2 episodes)

6PM: The Brady Bunch (2 episodes)

7PM: Cousin Skeeter (2 episodes)


8PM: Rugrats

8:30PM: All That

9PM: Kenan & Kel

9:30PM: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?


10PM: I Love Lucy (2 episodes)

11PM: The Lucy - Desi Comedy Hour

12 Midnight: Laverne & Shirley

12:30AM: Happy Days

1AM: Bewitched

1:30AM: The Dick Van Dyke Show

2AM: I Love Lucy (2 episodes)(repeat)

3AM: Lucy - Desi (repeat)

4AM: Laverne & Shirley (repeat)

4:30AM: Happy Days (repeat)

Sunday 5/30/99:


5AM: Bewitched (repeat from Saturday)

5:30AM: Dick Van Dyke (repeat from Saturday)

Nick Jr.:

6AM: Gullah Gullah Island

6:30AM: Blue's Clues

Regular Nickelodeon:

7AM: Sports Illustrated For Kids

7:30AM: Inspector Gadget

8AM: Charlie Brown

8:30AM: Looney Tunes

9AM: Tiny Toon Adventures (2 episodes)

10AM: Rugrats

10:30AM: Hey Arnold

11AM: Angry Beavers

11:30AM: Thornberrys

12 Noon: CatDog

12:30PM: Kablam!

1PM: Rocko

1:30PM: Oh Yeah! Cartoons!

2PM: The Brothers Flub

2:30PM: Garfield & Friends

3PM: Wild & Crazy Kids

3:30PM: What Would You Do?

4PM: Clarissa Explains It All

4:30PM: The Brady Bunch

5PM: Nick Flicks (movie): "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"; "Snoopy, The Musical"

6:30PM: My Brother & Me

7PM: Kenan & Kel (repeat from Saturday)

7:30PM: All That (repeat from Saturday)


8PM: Animorphs

8:30PM: Nick News


9PM: I Love Lucy (2 episodes)

10PM: The Jeffersons (2 episodes)

11PM: Mary Tyler Moore (2 episodes)

12 Midnight: Bewitched

12:30AM: Dick Van Dyke

1AM: Taxi

1:30AM: Newhart

2AM: I Love Lucy (2 episodes)(repeat)

3AM: The Jeffersons (2 episodes)(repeat)

4AM: Mary Tyler Moore (2 episodes)(repeat)

Monday to Friday, 5/31-6/4/99:


Monday: Dick Van Dyke (repeat from Sunday)
Tuesday-Friday: Happy Days (repeat from previous night)

Monday: Taxi (repeat from Sunday)
Tuesday-Friday: Mary Tyler Moore (repeat from previous night)

Cable In The Classroom:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: Nick News
Tuesday: Teacher-To-Teacher (science program hosted by Don Herbert, a.k.a. "Mr. Wizard")
Friday: Mr. Wizard's World (at this point, it's the only classic Nick show still being seen)

Regular Nickelodeon:

6:30AM: Inspector Gadget

7AM: Tiny Toons

7:30AM: Rocko

8AM: Charlie Brown

8:30AM: Rugrats

Nick Jr.:

9AM: Kipper

9:30AM: Blue's Clues

10AM: Little Bear

10:30AM: Franklin

11AM: Gullah Gullah island

11:30AM: The Busy World Of Richard Scarry

12 Noon: Little Bear

12:30PM: Blue's Clues

1PM: Franklin

1:30PM: Kipper

Regular Nickelodeon:

2PM: Doug (2 episodes)

3PM: Garfield (2 episodes)

4PM: Rocko (2 episodes)

5PM: CatDog

5:30PM: Figure It Out

6PM: All That

6:30PM: The Secret World Of Alex Mack

7PM: Doug

7:30PM: Rugrats


Monday & Wednesday: Hey Arnold (2 episodes)
Tuesday & Thursday: Thornberrys (2 episodes)
Friday: Skeeter (2 episodes)


9PM: Brady Bunch

9:30PM: The Wonder Years

10PM: The Jeffersons (2 episodes)

11PM: I Love Lucy

11:30PM: Bewitched

12 Midnight: Brady Bunch (repeat)

12:30AM: Happy Days

1AM: Mary Tyler Moore

1:30AM: Dick Van Dyke

2AM: Taxi

2:30AM: Newhart

3AM: The Jeffersons (repeat of one of the episodes seen earlier)

3:30AM: Laverne & Shirley

4AM: I Love Lucy (repeat)

4:30AM: Bewitched (repeat)

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