schedule for week of April 9, 1983

The following is a typical schedule for Nickelodeon, from the pages of TV Guide for the week of 4/9/83. All times ET.

Saturday 4/9/83:

8AM: Pinwheel (3 hours)

11AM: Kids' Writes

11:30AM: Tomorrow People

Noon: You Can't Do That On Television (YCDTOTV)

12:30PM: Lights! Camera! Action!

1:30PM: Against The Odds

2PM: Adventures Of Black Beauty

2:30PM: Livewire

3:30PM: Special Delivery: "Circustown" (Documentary)


5PM: Against The Odds

5:30PM: Black Beauty

6PM: Reggie Jackson's World Of Sports

7Pm: Kids In Performance

7:30PM: Silver City (Music)

8:30PM: Third Eye

9PM: Go to ARTS (a forerunner of A&E) until 12 Midnight

Sunday 4/10/83:

Same as Saturday, except:

12:30PM: Reggie Jackson

1:30PM: Kids' Writes

3:30PM: Movie: "Let The Balloon Go"

6PM: Lights! Cameras! Action! (behind the scenes series, hosted by Leonard Nimoy)

7PM: Livewire

8PM: Third Eye (60 minutes)

9PM: Go to ARTS

Monday to Friday, 4/11-15/83:

8AM: Today's Special

8:30AM: Dusty's Treehouse

9AM: Pinwheel (5 hours!)

2PM: Today's Special (repeat)

2:30PM: Dusty's Treehouse (repeat)

3PM: What Will They Think Of Next!


4PM: Black Beauty

4:30PM: Tomorrow People

5PM: Third Eye (MWF), Against The Odds (Tues & Thurs)

5:30PM: Livewire (Talk show)

6:30PM: What Will They Think Of Next! (repeat)

7PM: YCDTOTV (repeat)

7:30PM: Black Beauty (repeat)

8PM: Tomorrow People (repeat)

8:30PM: Third Eye (MWF), Against The Odds (Tues & Thurs) (repeat)


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